How to prevent pipeline damages in winter with the help of improvised means
12.01.2016 00:00

·     It is necessary to wind round pipes with insulation materials in unheated cellar; cloths and old newspapers can be used for insulation as well. 

·     It is not necessary to throw away all fallen leaves, it is better to rake them up to the place where pipeline system is installed. Later, snow also can be raked up on the same place, because it’s the best thing that keeps the heat that comes out of the ground.

·     If your path crosses with the pipeline system in the yard, it is better to choose another movement trajectory in winter. In case it is impossible, the point of intersection should be covered with special mats.

·     If a specialist thinks that the pipe is shifted, rusted through or is flowing, this pipe must definitely be changed. In worst case, you will have to replace the whole pipeline system deeper into the ground, where cold cannot permeate. At the same time, you should not forget: it could be that the heating cable has been laid through plastic pipes for drinking water already.

·     If your water meter is in the well, we advice you to warm the hatch of this well. For this, you will need minimum of 100 mm of foam plastic. Cut the heater according to the form of the hatch and place under it.

·     And if this does not help, the last chance is to leave flowing valve for the whole night, because running water does not freeze. Just do not forget to put a bucket there.