Why is it important to change plastic pipes from time to time?
18.11.2015 00:00

Water pipes can cause chronic intestinal problems, the conclusion made by scientists and the British University of Sheffield. The formation of leaks in pipes increases the concentration of harmful substances in drinking water.

In Russia, the situation is worse due to the fact that the replacement of pipes in apartments is carried out rarely. The metal pipes are still used in many appartments, they are oxidized over time and their average service life is 25 years. In some apartments the pipes are not changed for 40-50 years (average service life of polypropylene pipes - up to 50 years). Less frequently the sewage pipes and pipes for towel dryer are used. At the same time,these pipes are the source of contamination, since the old pipes were made out of steel. Today sewage pipes are manufactured preferably out of plastic and towel rails are made out of stainless steel.

Scientists believe that tap water in homes may contain bacteria, and even micro-particles of excrement that gets to the intestines can cause problems. Among the harmful substances entering the water, may be bacteria. In this case, even doctors will not be able to establish the main cause of bowel disorders.

To determine the safety of the water it is necessary to regularly check the tap water. In Russia such tests are performed at the water cleaning stations. This criterion can not be considered objective since the water can become contaminated directly in the pipes, on the way to its end user.

For safety reasons, the replacement of pipes, including towel dryer pipes, must be done every 10 years, regardless of the service life of your pipes. Furthermore, when using tap water, it is necessary to use water filters.