Polypropylene pipes are the guarantee of reliable repair!
01.12.2015 00:00

When you start to repair your house, first, you pay attention to such things as wallpapers and curtains. How the newly ordered bedroom set will look with it, or which bath mats will suit the color of the tile. Of course, all of these points are important, but first of all, it is necessary to think about communications. 

The most important things for people living in apartments is having warm flat and non-leaking pipes. Otherwise, even the most expensive repair will be spoiled by the first serious leakage or damage.

Today, the most comfortable pipes for installation are polypropylene pipes. When they emerged at the market, they have almost fully ousted steel and some plastic analogues. Additional advantage of switching to polypropylene pipes is the fact that in case of repair works, it is necessary to switch off only one riser, not the whole system, like it was before. If you still have old iron cast radiators in the place where repair works are going, experts advice to leave them as they are, but change everything that is left! Polypropylene pipes surpass their analogues by all points beginning from exploitation term (exploitation term of such pipes is minimum 25 years), ending with eco safety – polypropylene pipes are not dangerous for people.

That’s why experts strongly recommend renewing the pipes if you still have old ones in your house. The same rule applies to electricity – it is also an invisible thing in your house, but from which depends a lot. Wiring must be checked before plastering the walls. If there will be a little circuit, you will have to reveal everything that was freshly repaired and try to solve the problem. And only after solving these points, you can enjoy choosing the cornice, room decorations and choosing cushions for your sofa. Perhaps it is the most enjoyable moment of the whole process!