Products: Sewage PPR pipes
Plastic waste pipes and fittings have become very popular and have forced the cast iron pipes take a back seat given these main characteristics: • The polypropylene is a safe material: it is not toxic; even if brought purposely to the state of combustion, it emits water and carbon dioxide only. • The raw-material of these pipes is elastic by its very nature, and this prevents the pipes from deformation and crashing. • Polypropylene has a high chemical resistance level. • These pipes and fittings do not tend to corrode and have a smooth surface. • The lightness of raw-material allows uncomplicated storage and logistics of plastic waste pipes and fittings. • These pipes and fittings are durable and are able to work at high operating temperatures.
  • Waste pipes

  • Elbow 90°

  • Elbow 135°

  • Tee

  • Tee-pass

  • Tee-pass 135°

  • Coupling

  • Coupling pass

  • Double-T fitting

  • Double-T fitting 135°

  • Siphon

  • Plug

  • Revision

  • Sewage clamp

  • Tee 135°